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Rialto reflects (not only) eight faces of a woman


Czech fashion label Rialto presents on fashion fair Styl and Kabo maternity clothing and women’s collection for autumn/winter 2009/10. Designers Pavel Jevula and Dana Cencingrová found inspiration in French film Eight Women.


The collection goes against bias connected with age. Every woman has many faces. Why should she show just one of them? It is only up to her whether she changes into a playful granddaughter, alluring mistress or elegant mother. Rialto designs do not force women in any of these categories. On the contrary! They make it possible for them to choose a role they will feel good in. Regardless of their age, of social or fashion trends.



Designers of the new collections worked with dark shades. Black, grey and chocolate-brown colour prevails. A little bit of optimism into this dark scheme add tones of red wine, shiny blue, of sand and above all cashmere pattern which is a new trend of the season.

Autumn/Winter 2009/10 follows the trendy colour scheme. It combines elegance of the past with technologies heading to the future. There are for example godet skirts inspired by the 40s, skinny jeans from the 60s and recently also a pelerine in style of the 80s.


We have established cooperation with Swarovski recently whose stones will be decorating tops and jumpers in our women’s and maternity collections. Another creative piece is corset with whale-bones. It can be worn right on body. Together with a narrow skirt made from the same material it creates a little black dress. Or it can be worn with a turtleneck as a stylish waistcoat.


In cold day warms you up a padding coat, which is designed as a classic winter coat with innovative zip. Overcoats are very functional. Jackets have sleeves designed as 3D. They have a dividing seam in elbow which shortens the sleeve in the fore arm and lengthens it over the elbow. 3D design thus creates natural flexion of the sleeve and enables an easy motion of arm. Practical materials please as well. They are rain-protective and can be washed too.


Rialto lays stress on quality of materials and designs which quarantee comfort while everyday wearing. Designs of this Czech fashion label tried to set up a bridge between women’s and maternity clothing. Before now fashion label Rialto paid attention to colour and material connection of both collections. In this season we newly introduce joint designs suitable both for pregnant and non-pregnant women. It concerns mainly at the bottom extended t-shirts fashioned in the “A” profile and knitwear pelerine which can replace coat or jacket. Especially mothers who are working out after the childbirth to return their body to its previous shape definitely appreciate this.


Czech fashion label Rialto has existed since January 2002. Longtime cooperation of the owner Lubomír Fiedler with the Italian fashion designer Franco Colladon had preceded the foundation of Rialto. That´s why the collections stem partly from Italian tradition. “We wanted to create a label which connects Italian tradition with Czech profoundity and quality,” describes Lubomír Fiedler the motives of foundation.


The collection which Rialto presents in February at fashion fair in Brno will already have number 12. Earlier designs by Rialto could be seen at previous fashion trade fairs Styl and Kabo, Fashion Prague, CPD Düsseldorf, Fashion week Poznan or at fashion shows in Vienna which were organized by Czech embassy and Wirtschaftskammer Wien.


Rialto clothing has appeared since January in a new show on Czech television "Zkus mít Vkus" . 


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