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A Letter From A Customer

tisk_2Dear Mr. Fiedler,

thank you a lot for this lovely gift which I’ll definitely try to use. Last time I bought this absolutely perfect red woollen coat from your catalogue. Not many people trust me that this is a product of a Czech label. I regret this a bit since the perfect couture of Czech designers is verified by generations of customers.


Thank you for being there and wish you and the whole collective of Rialto plenty of satisfied customers and business achievements.


I’d like to thank specially to a lady from the client service. I am sorry but I don’t remember her name. This young lady very willingly and tirelessly measured for me all the clothes, which I was interested in, as long as we found the right and fitting piece. It is admirable that we managed all this over the phone. I thank again very much this lady whose last name began with H.


Wish you a nice and successful day.


Best regards,

Valentina Šedová


We published the letter with the agreement of the customer. You can write us if you would like to comment on our products, their presentation or distribution. We will learn from a potentional criticism.


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