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They talked about us


Gabriela Vargová

Gabriela VARGOVÁ, Chief Executive of Fashion and Textiles Fairs Styl and Kabo

I observe the achievements of fashion label Rialto ever since their team was joined by fashion designer Pavel Jevula. It happened four years ago just at the fashion fair Styl in Brno. With new interpretation of collections, innovations of used materials and the whole change of its primary orientation addressed Rialto successfully new groups of customers, not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. I am glad that this Czech company presents on Styl in Brno and that we also could years ago at least a bit help to inspiration and successful orientation of this fashion label.


Daria HRUBÁ, Host of the TV-show MEM

I host the show Móda – extravagance – manýry (Czech Television) for four years and almost from the beginning I wear clothing by Pavel Jevula and Rialto. If this weekly show is still on, I am not about to change it. And if the show ends some day? I will still wear clothes by Rialto…


Blanka Sedláková, Owner of the Top Ladies Agency

We collaborate with Rialto on international fashion fairs Styl and Kabo for many years. Fashion shows our agency organizes for Rialto on this fashion fair are very successful among the audience. I wish the fashion label Rialto they are still successful in creating comfortable and nice clothing for women which I also like to wear.


Jitka KONOPKOVÁ, designer of the jewelly producer Jablonex

I like young sporty fashion and Rialto represents exactly this kind of fashion. The clothing is not only for young people but also for every one who feels young. I designed the jewellery for this collection. I concentrated on colours and variability so it will satisfy the widest spectrum of customers. It was a pleasant cooperation and I hope it will continue. I believe customers will have plenty of success with fashion by Rialto and with accessories by Jablonex!


Renata Kortusová, manager of Jablonex Group

The connection of interesting and pleasant clothing from the production of fashion label Rialto and Jablonex jewellery emerged from the cooperation with designer Pavel Jevula. Quality, materials and fashion draw our attention to Rialto collections. Designs look very well on catwalks and even better when you are actually wearing them. I believe that every woman appreciate the opportunity to add in her wardrobe the newest fashion trends and also jewellery which was made exactly for that model.

vinickaLenka Vinická, choreographer

I love clothes which do not just wrap women externally, but which also give them spark and expression. Therefore, I am extremely glad to create fashion shows for Rialto which regularly has great success at the malls of fashion fairs such as Styl and Kabo, Brno and Moda Praha.


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